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China's foundation provides scholarships to 1,200 Myanmar students

Author  :       Source  :    Xinhua     2018-09-06

China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) has provided scholarships to 1,200 students from 11 universities and degree colleges in Myanmar under "Paukphaw Scholarship" project.

The CFPA has been conducting education projects, providing scholarships to students and school facilities as part of poverty alleviation efforts in Myanmar since 2015.

Apart from educational projects, the CFPA has provided 16.89 million yuan (2.48 million U.S. dollars) worth assistance in health sector development and other relief efforts in the country since 2015.

The CFPA was founded in 1989, focusing on the provision of healthcare, education, livelihood, disaster relief in poverty stricken areas.

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