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China demands stricter rules for university independent enrollment

Author  :       Source  :    Xinhua     2019-01-06

China's Ministry of Education has asked universities to adopt stricter rules in enrolling students on their own to ensure a sound and fair process.

In a recent circular, the ministry asked universities to avoid over-reliance on criteria such as research papers, patents and competition results; limit quotas and disciplines open for independent enrollment; scrutinize application materials; conduct stricter material reviews; make the procedure more transparent and results more open and severely punish document frauds.

High school graduates in China usually need to take a universal college entrance examination, also known as Gaokao, to be admitted. Independent enrollment was added as an alternative more than a decade ago to allow universities to enroll students they choose fit. Tests on students' academic competence and personalities are usually required.

Independent enrollment is considered a worthy complement to Gaokao. But the rise of fraud cases in recent years has tainted the practice's reputation and caught the authorities' attention.

This year, universities will start the independent enrollment process in March.

Editor: Li Yujie

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