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Building philosophy, social sciences with Chinese characteristics

“A country without advanced development of the natural sciences could not possibly be a leading nation, and neither can a country without booming achievements in philosophy and the social sciences...

Top 10 archaeological finds of 2015 highlight balance in age, location

Chinese archaeology is becoming increasingly balanced in terms of the eras and locations of excavated sites, according to a recent list of top 10 findings for 2015.

Rigor lends credence to oral history

Research on oral history has broad development prospects but also faces a number of key disputes. Given the fact that interviewees often have different memories of the same historical event, interp...

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The two scholars shedding light on Beijing’s central axis

Liang Sicheng, also known as Liang Ssu-ch’eng, and Hou Renzhi have been researching the central axis of Beijing since the 20th century a...


Yan Haiping: Building a bridge of Chinese and Western studie

Yan Haiping serves as chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and dean of the Research Institute of World Literature...


Intonation unique aspect of Chinese literary culture

Intonation is a traditional reading method in China. It refers to a reading method with rich emotions, following a certain rhyme and rhyt...