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Debate over flood legend, mythical dynasty reignited

A recent article in the US-based magazine Science has reignited the long-running academic debate over the historicity of China’s legendary past.

‘TRUTH' probe of Mukden Incident makes progress

More than 20 papers and a number of useful suggestions have been yielded in the project Research of “TRUTH” Historical Materials, which are believed to be hard evidence of the Japan-instigated Se...

Place names have hidden historical significance

Names of locations are clues to their history. Nanluoguxiang Alley in Beijing, Muslim Street in Xi’an, and Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley in Chengdu are examples of names that symbolize a distinct hist...

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Why Yang Jiang is revered today

Yang Jiang, born Yang Jikang in 1911 in Beijing, was a Chinese playwright, writer and translator. She grew up in Jiangsu Province, East C...


Chen Zhongshi: Father fueled son’s passion for literature

Chen Zhongshi’s literary achievements were strongly connected with his father Chen Guanglu’s influence. Raised in a rural family, Chen ...


The two scholars shedding light on Beijing’s central axis

Liang Sicheng, also known as Liang Ssu-ch’eng, and Hou Renzhi have been researching the central axis of Beijing since the 20th century a...