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New series reveals evidence of Tokyo Trials

China has published its first book series detailing evidence presented at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, commonly known as the Tokyo Trials.

Russia, China praised for WWII contributions

Scholars have commended Russia and China for their huge contributions to the victory of the Allied Powers in WWII and establishment of the postwar international order.

‘Going out’ trend puts Chinese at source of translation

By the end of 2013, translations from Chinese into other languages accounted for more than half of business at 64 percent of domestic translation companies, according to a report.

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Folklorist Wu Bing’an

Wu Bing’an (1929- ) is a well-known Chinese folklorist of Mongolian descent. He is the author of Introduction to Folklore, Chinese Folkl...


For Qian Gurong, literature is study of humanity

Qian Gurong (1919- ), formally called Qian Guorong, is a well-known literary theorist in China and a graduate of the Department of Chines...


Chinese ethnic languages, cultures color national tapestry

Zhang Gongjin (1933- ), professor of the Depart-ment of Minority Languages and Literatures at Minzu University of China, mainly specializ...