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APEC meeting advocates inclusiveness

Chinese President Xi Jinping made a five-point proposal on openness, development, inclusiveness, innovation and a rules-based approach for the Asia-Pacific and the world economy at the Asia-Pacific...

China to offer more support for private firms

At a recent symposium on private enterprises, Chinese President Xi Jinping,affirmed the status and role of the private economy in China’s economic and social development and expressed the resoluti...

Shanghai import expo promotes China’s burgeoning market to world

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to open China’s markets further in his keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the inaugural China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai on Nov. 5.

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Scholar explores ways to deepen China-Africa ties

Professor Liu Hongwu is director of the Institute of African Studies at Zhejiang Normal University. Liu received his master’s degree in ...

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Chinese scholar devoted to studies on Africa for decades

Li Anshan is a professor at Peking University’s School of International Studies and director of the university’s Center for African Stu...


Scholar devoted decades to study of Chinese dialects

Zhuang Chusheng was born in 1968 in Pinghe County, Southeast China’s Fujian Province. He studied various branches of Chinese language an...