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Scholars hail ’good-neighbor’ diplomacy

When Chinese President Xi Jinping visited South Korea earlier this month, he ushered in what scholars labeled as a “new era of good-neighbor diplomacy.”

Anti-terror legislation urged in China

In the wake of domestic terrorist attacks, Chinese experts have urged a tough anti-terrorism law to step up the country’s fight against terrorism.

Evidence of Japan’s atrocity released

Confessions of 45 Japanese war criminals tried and convicted by military tribunals in China after World War II are to be posted on the website of the State Archives Administration (SAA) of China fr...

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Zhang Hui and his literary thinking

Zhang Hui (1977-2013) is an associate research fellow from the Institute of Literature at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).


City identity matters in a global age

Daniel A. Bell is professor of ethics and political philosophy and director of the Center for International and Comparative Political Phi...


Wang Zhongshu:studying archaeology transcending boundaries

Professor Wang Zhongshu is one of Asia's most prominent archaeologists. He has been instrumental to the establishment and development of ...