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China prepares to introduce deposit insurance system

China could introduce its long-awaited deposit insurance scheme as soon as early 2015 to safeguard savings and free up interest rates.

Southeast Asian studies promote China-ASEAN maritime cooperation

China’s cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has developed steadily for a long time, largely advancing Southeast Asian studies in China.

New project to boost oracle bone studies

A research project on oracle bone inscriptions at the Shandong Museum has been approved by the 2014 National Social Sciences Fund.

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For Qian Gurong, literature is study of humanity

Qian Gurong (1919- ), formally called Qian Guorong, is a well-known literary theorist in China and a graduate of the Department of Chines...


Chinese ethnic languages, cultures color national tapestry

Zhang Gongjin (1933- ), professor of the Depart-ment of Minority Languages and Literatures at Minzu University of China, mainly specializ...


History maps path for future Chinese journalists

Fang Hanqi (1926- ) graduated from the Department of Journalism at Soochow National College of Social Education (the predecessor of Sooch...