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Poverty cycle poses risk to social development

A recent series of photos shared online by a foreign photographer have triggered sober reflection on the gap between the rich and poor in China.

Better protecting industrial heritage in China

Many industrial relics are rich in history and worthy of global attention, yet their protection and modern use are often neglected.

Scholars offer solutions to cope with chunyun

An estimated 0.28 billion trips are predicted to be made this year during chunyun as people head home for family reunions for Chinese New Year, up 10.1 percent year-on-year.

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For Qian Gurong, literature is study of humanity

Qian Gurong (1919- ), formally called Qian Guorong, is a well-known literary theorist in China and a graduate of the Department of Chines...


Chinese ethnic languages, cultures color national tapestry

Zhang Gongjin (1933- ), professor of the Depart-ment of Minority Languages and Literatures at Minzu University of China, mainly specializ...


History maps path for future Chinese journalists

Fang Hanqi (1926- ) graduated from the Department of Journalism at Soochow National College of Social Education (the predecessor of Sooch...