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Chinese reforms shifts from economy to politics

Scholars are heralding a new era for political studies in China marked by the reform and modernization of national governance.

2014 APEC draws roadmap for region

The theme of 2014 APEC represents the desire of the 21 APEC member nations to seek solutions for common problems while fostering long-term development and stronger relations in the region.

China pushes win-win diplomacy model with neighbors

China has shown growing maturity in its diplomacy with neighboring countries by assuming a more active role in regional and international affairs in 2014, said scholars.

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Chinese ethnic languages, cultures color national tapestry

Zhang Gongjin (1933- ), professor of the Depart-ment of Minority Languages and Literatures at Minzu University of China, mainly specializ...


History maps path for future Chinese journalists

Fang Hanqi (1926- ) graduated from the Department of Journalism at Soochow National College of Social Education (the predecessor of Sooch...


Passion for language made researcher’s theories stand out

Roman Jakobson (1896-1982) was a Russian American linguist and literary theorist. In 1918, Jakobson graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State...