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Green finance funds for global development in future

At the recently concluded G20 Hangzhou Summit, China put green finance on the agenda for the first time, showing its ingenuity in face of environmental threats.

Study forecasts higher growth rate than expected

Chinese innovation could push the nation’s growth rate up to 8 percent in the next five to 10 years provided its technology surpasses that of developed countries, according to a new study conducte...

Academics: China's role in global governance shifting

Weighing in on a recent report concerning the role countries play in global governance, scholars said that China’s role in international institutions has changed from participant to builder and pi...

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Why Yang Jiang is revered today

Yang Jiang, born Yang Jikang in 1911 in Beijing, was a Chinese playwright, writer and translator. She grew up in Jiangsu Province, East C...


Chen Zhongshi: Father fueled son’s passion for literature

Chen Zhongshi’s literary achievements were strongly connected with his father Chen Guanglu’s influence. Raised in a rural family, Chen ...


The two scholars shedding light on Beijing’s central axis

Liang Sicheng, also known as Liang Ssu-ch’eng, and Hou Renzhi have been researching the central axis of Beijing since the 20th century a...