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CASS university welcomes first class

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) recently unveiled its affiliated university on Sept. 12 in Beijing, proclaiming that the premier think tank in China is committed to further advancing ...

Scholars laud BRICS contribution to world

Weighing in on the recent BRICS Xiamen Summit, scholars praised the contributions the bloc has made to world development and global economic governance.

Rocky friendship: Looking back on 45 yrs of Japan-China ties

More than 150 Chinese and Japanese dignitaries, experts, scholars and media representatives recently gathered in Beijing to provide suggestions on ways to improve China-Japan relations.

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Scholar devoted decades to study of Chinese dialects

Zhuang Chusheng was born in 1968 in Pinghe County, Southeast China’s Fujian Province. He studied various branches of Chinese language an...


Why Yang Jiang is revered today

Yang Jiang, born Yang Jikang in 1911 in Beijing, was a Chinese playwright, writer and translator. She grew up in Jiangsu Province, East C...


Chen Zhongshi: Father fueled son’s passion for literature

Chen Zhongshi’s literary achievements were strongly connected with his father Chen Guanglu’s influence. Raised in a rural family, Chen ...