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Philosophical discussions on artificial intelligence

Author:   SUN FEI      

The Myth or Lament of Artificial Intelligence condenses a series of articles on artificial intelligence proceeding from the demarcation line of human and non-human, subject and heterogeneous subject.


Innovative research on traditional Chinese thought

Author:   GAO YUNQIU      

Intellectual History Deep in the Chinese Civilization offers a comprehensive synthesis of the history of Chinese thought, civilization, culture, and criticism.


An in-depth study of Jian'an literature

Author:   CHEN QINGYUAN and CHEN WEI      

The Writings of Zhang Keli focuses on Jian’an literature, Eastern Jin (317–420) literature and art, and the historical materials of ancient Chinese literature.


A study of ancient land registration systems

Author:   ZHONG WEIMIN      

A Collection of Lanxi Fish Scale Maps consists of the fish scale maps of Lanxi during the reign (1861–75) of Tongzhi Emperor of Qing.


A dynamic institutional history of Yuan Dynasty

Author:   ZHANG GUOWANG      

Research on Local Administration Operation in the Yuan Dynasty exemplifies the exploration of local institutional history during the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) within the context of this emerging trend.


Bibliographical studies of tradtional Chinese texts

Author:   LIU JIAQI      

A Collection of Scholarly Research on Bibliography contains reminiscences about the scholarly pursuit of 20th-century bibliographers, edition identification articles, prefaces of monographs, academic conference lectures, as well as statements and examples for the writing of shuzhi [annotated catalogues of books].


Ancient Chinese philosophy in cultural relics

Author:   WANG PEI      

The Shape of Ideas: Chinese Philosophy in Cultural Relics aims to sort out Chinese philosophy before the 16th century with the help of cultural relics.


Evolution of early Chinese semiotic thoughts

Author:   ZHANG JINSONG      

Semiotic Thinking and Ethical Turn in Early China attempts to unravel the mysteries of the ancient Chinese symbolic world and achieve the sinicization of semiotics.


The end of art and Chinese reflections

Author:   WANG HUANHUAN      

The End of Art and the Construction of Contemporary Chinese Literary Theory depicts the genealogy of knowledge surrounding the end of art, and delves deep into the construction of the discourse system of contemporary Chinese art and literature theory.


An academic system for ethics of belief

Author:   XIAO LANG      

Research on the Ethics of Belief conducts a thorough discussion on the ethics of belief.

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Ye Shengtao made Chinese fairy tales from a wilderness

Ye Shengtao (1894–1988) created the first collection of fairy tales in the history of Chinese children’s literature...

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