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Discover the beauty of ancient poetry

Author:   LI PENGFEI      

Various forms of ancient Chinese poetry emerged in the pre-Qin period through to the Han and Wei dynasties.

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Rites, music and formation of artistic concepts

Author:   MAO XUANGUO      

Any book that made a significant theoretical contribution can attribute its success to innovation in research ideas and methods.


Literary leagues or writers' communities

Author:   YANG HONGCHENG      

In light of the difficulties facing research on the schools of modern Chinese literary genres, Gu Jinchun put forward the concept of “modern writers’ communities” in his monograph Research on Chinese Writers’ Communities in the 1930s,


A bridge connecting history of philosophy, science

Author:   WU JINGDONG      

My acquaintance with Professor Zhou Hanguang dates back to the 1980s, when researchers were particularly concerned about the relationship between ancient Chinese philosophy and the natural sciences.

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Zhang Taiyan’s works: compilation across 40 years

Author:   HUANG CHUNYU      

The long-lasting and arduous “marathon” has finally come to an end: the most comprehensive and sophisticated version of A Collection of Zhang Taiyan’s Works reached readers in 2017.


From oracle bones to modern script

Author:   XU YANG      

Since they first emerged, Chinese characters have undergone 3,000 years of development. However, there is a lack of systematic analysis of their evolution. The book series the Evolution of Chinese characters, altogether five volumes, fills in the gaps in research.


Past, present of Chinese maritime civilization

Author:   CHEN FENGLING      

At the beginning of 2014, the Chinese Communist Party and state leaders repeatedly proposed the “B&R” initiative.

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Cultural conventions and preservation

Author:   MENG FANHUA      

In the annals of Chinese cultural icons, few modern writers in China can compare with Wang Chonglü. Wang stands out not only because of his erudition, but also because of his understanding and explanation of the “national quintessence.”


Treasures buried within nomadic maps

Author:   WANG ZIJIN      

Prairie landscapes have played an important role in the exploitation and expansion of transportation networks. Arnold Toynbee, an English historian, said in his work A Study of History,


Filling in blanks of economic geographical transitions

Author:   WU SONGDI      

Modern economic geography is an important part of China’s historical economic geography.

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