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New book explores China-Europe Silk Road exchange

Author:   ZHANG JINGPING      

The Silk Road was an ancient trade route between China and the West. For the study of world history, the Silk Road is not only a specific research topic but also a perspective and method.


Exploring Ming’s novel publishing in Jianyang

Author:   WANG XIN      

As a force in the private sector, bookshops in the middle and late period of China’s feudal society produced and sold printed books to meet the needs of the market.


Exploring modern and contemporary Han Shu study

Author:   HU XIYUN      

Written by the historian Ban Gu (32–92), Han Shu mainly records the history of the Western Han Dynasty (206BCE–24CE). As China’s first dynastic history book in a biographical style, it is another significant historical record following Records of the Historian.


The first printed poetry anthology of Qian Zhongshu

Author:   QIAN ZHIJUN      

Qian Zhongshu (1910–98) was a famous modern Chinese writer, literary researcher and translator. Qian’s first poetry anthology is Qian Zhongshu’s Poems.


Reviewing 40 years of the publishing industry in China

Author:   DONG ZHI      

40 Years of Publishers’ Memoirs, a 10 books series completed more than three years ago, consists of memoirs of 10 publishers, such as Nie Zhenning, former director of People’s Literature Publishing House, Huang Guorong, former deputy director of Kunlun Press, and Zhou Baiyi, former director of Changjiang Literature and Art Press.


Modern geography may have found its foothold

Author:   CHENG SHENQI      

Geography is regarded as an interdisciplinary subject without a unified theoretical system, and many of its technical applications and research methods are borrowed from other disciplines.


New explanations may come from rare and overlooked texts

Author:   YE YE      

For a long time, readers have known little about the dramas from the Ming Dynasty. This is because of difficulty accessing the operas’ texts beyond those in several collections including Sixty Plays and Miscellaneous Dramas in the Flourishing Period of the Ming Dynasty.


How elegant Song Dynasty declined

Author:   YU YUGUO      

The Decline of the Southern Song Dynasty is not a new book. It is a revised edition of an older book of mine, Emperor Guangzong (c. 1189–1194) and Emperor Ningzong (c. 1194–1224 ) that was published over two decades ago.


Fruits of development should be shared by the people

Author:   WANG YONGZHONG      

China has entered a “New Normal” phase and faces the heavy task of transforming and upgrading as well as technological innovation. Meantime, the constraints of resources, laborers and environmental capacity have become more severe, and the international environment for China’s development shows some negative changes.


Silk Roads carried more than goods

Author:   UWIN GOAH VA      

The History of the Silk Road by Wu Bin, former vice president of the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, shows us an overview of the Silk Road by means of combining historical literature, archaeological materials, myths and legends.

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