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Women’s poetry society prospered in Qing Dynasty

Author:   WANG YONGBO      

A Study on Women’s Poetry Society in the Qing Dynasty investigates the historical tradition and historical context of the rise of women’s poetry societies in the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911), as well as its evolution and organizational structure.


Fan Wenlan moved from Chinese studies to ‘new history’

Author:   REN HU      

Marching Toward the Road of Marxist Historiography: Early Life of Fan Wenlan depicts the detailed process of Fan Wenlan (1893–1969) shifting from “an inheritor of traditional Chinese studies” as a Peking University graduate in his early years, to “a master of new history” in Marxism in the 1940s.


Uprooting poverty through education

Author:   NIU FANG      

Poverty Alleviation Through Education from a Sociological Perspective, co-written by Hu Junsheng, a professor from the School of Public Administration at Yan’an University, and Li Qi, a research fellow from the School of Continuing Education at Yan’an University, responds to these questions involving higher education institutions based on social s...

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A comparative study of Chinese and Japanese literature

Author:   GUAN XIANQIANG      

Echoing, Mirroring and Dialogue Between Chinese and Japanese Culture and Literature places Japanese literature over the past century in the field of world literature and dynamically follows the multi-dimensional interactions between China, Japan, and the West, contemplating how Japan has assimilated and absorbed Western culture.


Early dissemination of socialism in China

Author:   ZHOU LIANGSHU      

The Dissemination of Socialism in Late Qing and Early Republican China looks at the historical context of socialism as it was introduced into China.


Professional clusters in application-oriented universities

Author:   CAI JINGMIN      

Research Outline of Professional Cluster in Applied Colleges and Universities focuses on the professional clusters of application-oriented colleges and universities and aims to solve the theoretical and practical problems of professional cluster construction, innovatively building a theoretical system in the field.


Innovation key to high-quality economic growth

Author:   LI QUN      

A Path Analysis of Promoting China’s High-Quality Economic Growth analyzes and forecasts the development trend of China’s economic growth quality in the new era, from the respective perspective of calculating or measuring gross domestic product (GDP), total factor productivity (TFP), and the value added ratio (VAR).


China’s rural construction thought since the 20th century

Author:   JIAO YU’NAN      

The Intellectual History of China’s Rural Construction over a Century unfolds the history of rural construction theory and practice since the 20th century.


A linguistic analysis of Taizhou dialect since the 19th century

Author:   TAO HUAN      

The Evolution of Taizhou Dialect over the Past Hundred Years Based on Western Missionaries’ Literature analyzes the phonetic system, major classified words, and grammatical features of Taizhou dialect in the 19th century.


A popular interpretation of Epic of King Gesar

Author:   YANG XIA      

The book discusses, in a modern and contemporary context, the inheritance and theoretical achievements of Epic of King Gesar, as well as the diverse epic culture.

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55 years of compiling ‘A General History of China’

The Chinese historian Cai Meibiao (1928–2021) possessed a vast store of knowledge. His scholarly research spanned fr...

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