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Focusing on historical names of China

Author:   FU JIANMING      

“Zhongguo,” literally a nation in the world’s center, is usually called “China” in English. It appeared as early as in the Shang and Zhou dynasties (c. 1600–221 BCE), mainly as a regional and cultural concept.


How do images shape poetics?

Author:   YAO XIAOPING      

Authored by Wu Xiao, a professor from the School of Humanities at Zhejiang University, Aesthetics of New Poetry is an academic monograph on the aesthetic theory of new poetry.


Locating late Qing students in great social change

Author:   LI ZHONG      

The period from 1901 to 1911, the last decade of the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911), was the historical stage that marked the collapse of the imperial system in China. During this period, education systems also underwent major transformations, and modern students began to emerge in China and gradually increased their influence.


Chambers of commerce played a role in social change

Author:   LIANG YANLING      

In modern times, the chamber of commerce, as an organization for merchants and an intermediary in the market, has played an important role in domestic and international economic arenas.


‘Smart Plus’ key to upgrading manufacturing industry

Author:   QU JINPING      

Co-authored by scholars from Guangzhou University including Sun Yanming, Pi Leisheng, Hu Yongjun and Sun Lijun, Smart Manufacturing: The Road to Enterprise Empowerment focuses on what is Smart Plus manufacturing, its difference from smart manufacturing and how it empowers enterprises and other issues in the current manufacturing industry in China.


Analysis of economic performance amid pandemic

Author:   PENG WENSHENG      

Economics of Pandemic: Weathering the Storm and Restoring the Growth focuses on the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on the domestic economy.


How did late Qing officials influence the cultural relics market?

Author:   YAO YUFEI      

In the recent wave of Chinese art history research, the cultural relics market deserves further study. Despite ample research on Xiang Yuanbian (1525–1590) and other important collectors, the price of artworks is still a difficult topic for scholars.


Exploring Henan’s rich historical cultures

Author:   ZHANG JIANYING and CAI YING      

Located in central China, Henan Province has a long history and many splendid cultures. It was the main birthplace of the Huaxia people (ancestors of the Han people) and a core area for China’s major ethnic group—the Han people.


Integrating online and offline supply chains

Author:   LI XIAOZHONG      

In today’s economic globalization, the management of supply chains has become an important core strategy for companies and furthermore a new driving force for China’s economic growth.


How did Shanghai evolve into a leader in the Yangtze River Delta?

Author:   YAN PENG and CHU ZHILIN      

Before the opening of the Port of Shanghai in 1843, Shanghai, although already a wellknown port, was far less influential in the Yangtze River Delta than Suzhou and Hangzhou.

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