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Philosophical foundations of filial piety

Author:   HUANG QIXIANG      

I was very surprised that a serious philosophy work like Family and Filial Piety could attract so much attention, as it incurred criticism as soon as it was published. But despite my surprise at the quick and ardent response from academia, the reaction is reasonable, since family and Xiao, meaning filial piety, as a gene of traditional Chinese cultu...


Bronze inscriptions provide academic value

Author:   FENG GUO      

After a decade’s efforts, Compilation of Chinese Bronze Inscriptions in Shaanxi, containing 1,973 bronze inscriptions from the Shang Dynasty to the Han Dynasty, was finally published.


Enduring efforts at opera compilation

Author:   DU YU      

In October 1958, the finishing editing touches were put on the fourth volume of the book series Ancient Chinese Operas and it was ready to be published. The same month, the book editor, Zheng Zhenduo, wrote a prologue for the fourth volume, expressing his joy at the publication of the compilation of ancient operas of the Yuan and Ming dynasties. How...


Purpose of education, university reform

Author:   TIAN GUOQIANG      

Qian Yingyi, author of University Reform, is recognized as a leading economist at home and abroad. In the context of modern economics, he delved into educational issues and explored the path of university reform.


Historical geography: breakthrough, reflection

Author:   DING YANNAN      

Connection of History and Modernity: The Latest Research Progress of Chinese Historical Geography was published when the 33rd International Geographical Congress was held in August, 2016 in Beijing. This was the first time China hosted this world-class event, marking a historic moment in the development of China’s geographical studies.


Reconstruction of morality, order in the modern world

Author:   REN JUNFENG      

When using “natural society” as a conceptual analysis tool, a systematic approach can trace this term back to British thinker Edmund Burke’s article, Vindication of Natural Society: or, A View of the Miseries and Evils Arising to Mankind from Every Species of Artificial Society, published in 1756. Burke wrote that natural society refers to a type...


Establishment of field archaeology paradigm

Author:   SUN QINGWEI      

The Huixian Excavation Report was the first field excavation report released after the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. It was published in 1956 and edited by the Institute of Archaeology, which was formerly under the Chinese Academy of Science, but has since been incorporated into the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


New model examines China’s origins


For thousands of years, the origins of states and the formation of power have been questions that occupied philosophers. With the rise of modern scientific archaeology and anthropology, scholars began to use archaeological and ethnological materials to explain ancient societies, and formed a series of explanatory models. However, although China is o...


Knowing ancient views on women via classics

Author:   CHEN QITAI      

The Book of Changes, the Book of Rites and the Book of Songs are arguably the three most classical works of literature in ancient China. Their rich materials offer insight into ancient lifestyles. However, most research on the three classics concentrate on their ideology, value systems, customs and rites, and cultural influence, while few examined w...

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Seeking the essence of language through practical philosophy

Author:   LI XIANLE      

Introspection and investigation on the essence of language is an important task and research orientation in the academic community. In the course of its development there have emerged different schools of thoughts. Finding ways to categorize these outcomes can promote clearer understanding of linguistic essence and more deepened research on related ...

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Why Yang Jiang is revered today

Yang Jiang, born Yang Jikang in 1911 in Beijing, was a Chinese playwright, writer and translator. She grew up in Jian...

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