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Preserving and innovating Chinese folk songs

Author:   SHA XIANYI      

China has a long tradition of folk song research and a rich storage of folk songs. Chen Shulu’s A Historical Research of Chinese Folk Songs has helped preserve the fine tradition of Chinese folk song research and systematically examines related literature in an effort to establish academic norms for the research of Chinese folk songs.


Seeking traces of Xinjiang archaeology

Author:   LIU ZIFAN      

Xinjiang is known as the crossroads of ancient civilizations. It is not only the place where the East and West meet, but where the nomadic and oasis cultures encounter each other.


Rise of China-foreign exchanges in Han Dynasty

Author:   LI HONGBIN      

Shi Yuntao’s newly published A Study on Foreign Cultures in Han Dynasty comprehensively demonstrates how extraterritorial material and spiritual civilizations enriched the Han world.


Mirror: history in solid form

Author:   HUO HONGWEI      

In November 2017, my new work History Reflected in Mirrors was published. Looking back on the creation of the book, although it is full of hardship, there is no shortage of fun and pleasure.


History and development of Maritime Silk Road

Author:   WANG RIGEN      

Oceanic history is a popular research subject in the international academic community. It transcends the limitations of the national history and crosses the boundaries of modern disciplines.


Yashang: core of the traditional commercial system

Author:   ZHOU SUYUAN      

Yashang, a profession in ancient China, responsible for promoting business deals, had been at the core of traditional business system.


Academic innovation during the imperial examination reform

Author:   LI XIZHU      

The reform of the imperial examination system was an important part of the late Qing reforms. Many academic achievements have been made in this regard, but there is a lack of in depth research on the last subjects who took the examinations and the Jinshi groups (candidates who successfully took the highest imperial examinations).


Records of transportation system before 1911

Author:   XU YANG, MA JUN      

Migration has been an effective way for people to survive, multiply and evade disasters since the dawn of recorded history.


Leading country needs leading enterprises

Author:   ZHANG SUTANG      

From 3D printing to gene editing and synthetic biology, from the increasingly interconnected internet to the economy and society and the large-scale application of the Internet of Things, human society has never experienced profound technological changes as it is experiencing today.


Origins and formation of the 'Chinese nation'

Author:   XU XIAOQING      

The spread and identification of the concept of the “Chinese nation” is a core political concept and social cultural phenomenon in modern China.

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