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The beauty of academic creation

Author:   HUANG LIN      

The Ethos of Chinese Culture, a personal anthology by Yang Yi, showcases changes in the writer’s academic ideas over the past few decades.


A proper interpretation of the Chinese cultural spirit

Author:   CHEN LAI, LI ZHUO      

Professor Guo Qiyong is the president of the School of Chinese Classics at Wuhan University. His recent book The Characteristics of Chinese Cultural Spirit includes four of his lectures. Every chapter focuses on a relatively independent topic, while as a whole they show different dimensions and characteristics of the Chinese cultural spirit.


A Typical Case of Large-Scale Mapping of Historical Geography

Author:   WU HAITAO      

When reading Han Maoli’s work Shili Bacun (Villages Around): Geography of Modern Rural Society in Shanxi Area, I believe anyone who has lived in rural areas will have a sense of familiarity, as if she is talking about one’s own village.


Xun Shou and early state governance of ancient China

Author:   XUAN LIU      

Xun Shou refers to the patrols dispatched by the emperor to inspect the land areas guarded by dukes or princes in ancient China. As an ancient imperial inspection activity outside the capital, it originated very early.


A case study of Ming Dynasty textiles

Author:   HUA SHA      

The textile technology of the Ming Dynasty represented a peak in Chinese textile development. The regions south of the Yangtze River were the most developed and had the most technically advanced textile industry in the Ming Dynasty.


Historical narration of the Silk Road in literary forms

Author:   YANG JIANMIN      

Wang Peng’s 40-year literary career can be clearly divided into two phases: The first phase was from 1970 to 1992.


Preserving and innovating Chinese folk songs

Author:   SHA XIANYI      

China has a long tradition of folk song research and a rich storage of folk songs. Chen Shulu’s A Historical Research of Chinese Folk Songs has helped preserve the fine tradition of Chinese folk song research and systematically examines related literature in an effort to establish academic norms for the research of Chinese folk songs.


Seeking traces of Xinjiang archaeology

Author:   LIU ZIFAN      

Xinjiang is known as the crossroads of ancient civilizations. It is not only the place where the East and West meet, but where the nomadic and oasis cultures encounter each other.


Rise of China-foreign exchanges in Han Dynasty

Author:   LI HONGBIN      

Shi Yuntao’s newly published A Study on Foreign Cultures in Han Dynasty comprehensively demonstrates how extraterritorial material and spiritual civilizations enriched the Han world.


Mirror: history in solid form

Author:   HUO HONGWEI      

In November 2017, my new work History Reflected in Mirrors was published. Looking back on the creation of the book, although it is full of hardship, there is no shortage of fun and pleasure.

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