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Code of conduct embedded in family instructions

Author:   ZHANG JIAWEN      

Family instructions, which refer to codes of conduct formulated by respected, intelligent individuals that describe expected behavior among family members, embody the richness and profoundity of traditional Chinese culture.


Paying tribute to the first generation of migrant workers

Author:   GAO DAN, ZHU JUN      

On Aug. 23, Amazon announced it would distribute an English version of Jia Pingwa’s novel Happy Dreams via its online outlets in 14 countries.


Cultural consumption in the Ming Dynasty

Author:   LIU DELONG      

In Favor for Elegance, author Ye Kangning discards the usual research focus on the painting, and considers the painting as a commodity to investigate the complex guanxi network and renqing behind the collection and sale of the painting from sociological and economic perspectives, revealing the economic ties among elite groups during the Jiawan years...


From “four” to “thirty” great inventions

Author:   FENG LISHENG      

Thirty Great Inventions of China totals 500,000 words with 600 drawings and 34 essays. It begins with Hua Jueming’s summary on the thirty great inventions that elaborates on the identification and classification of inventions and the selection of great inventions.


Zhongguancun’s history a microcosm for China

Author:   JIANG XIAOBIN      

The author of A Zhongguancun Notebook, Ning Ken, reveals Zhongguancun’s history by telling the stories of the entrepreneurs who contributed to the high-tech center’s development.


Evolution of imperial kilns, porcelain

Author:   ZHANG LONG      

Porcelain is familiar to all Chinese people, but most do not know the history of porcelain in great detail. An indispensable part of Chinese culture, porcelain has thousands of years of history that is worth investigating.


Zhang Dainian’s philosophical ideas in full view

Author:   ZOU XU      

Zhang Dainian (1909-2004) was a modern philosopher and historian of philosophy. His research focused mainly on three aspects: interpretation of Chinese history of philosophy, investigation of philosophical questions and discussion of cultural problems.


A glimpse into the Chinese cultural kaleidoscope

Author:   CHENG SUDONG      

The book series Twenty-four Chapters of Chinese Culture introduce the development path, characteristics, material success, and institutional and spiritual civilization of Chinese culture from 24 profiles, and help readers to pick up classic works.


Xia Nai’s leading role in Chinese archaeology

Author:   WANG SHIMIN      

Xia Nai was a founding father of Chinese archaeology who was also recognized as an academician in countries such as the US, UK, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.


From the Six Classics to modern academic research

Author:   DENG XIAOJUN      

Liu Mengxi is an influential scholar of literature and culture who is engaged in cultural construction and criticism. Academics and Traditions is a collection of Liu’s selected academic theses.

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Scholar devoted decades to study of Chinese dialects

Zhuang Chusheng was born in 1968 in Pinghe County, Southeast China’s Fujian Province. He studied various branches of...

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