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Centenary development of Chinese sociology

Author:   WANG WEI      

Written by Li Peilin, a Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Sociology and the Great Transformation of China outlines the basic logic and development framework of Chinese sociology and social practices, from the perspective of the emergence and evolution of Chinese sociology and changes in Chinese society.


Hainan free trade port ushers in new opening up

Author:   ZHAO JINPING      

On June 1, 2020, the State Council issued an overall plan for construction of the Hainan free trade port (FTP), making it the world’s largest FTP in acreage and the unique one in China. According to the plan, Hainan was to build a FTP policy system that prioritizes the freedom and facilitation of trade and investment by 2025. It should be built int...


Social history saw methodological turn in empirical research

Author:   ZHANG RUIKUN      

The prosperity of Western new cultural history and the trend of concentrating on cultural turns has had a profound impact on historiography. The study of Chinese social history has thus focused on cultural turns.


Floods and relief in China's Central Plains in modern times

Author:   WANG CHENGXING      

Research on Floods and Relief Policies in Modern Central Plains, written by Zhu Zhengye, a professor from the Department of History at Anhui University, is a response to these occurrences.


A glimpse of Chinese civilization through jewelry

Author:   CHEN JIAN      

Coauthored by several scholars including Li Ya, a professor from the Stage Design Department at Shanghai Theater Academy, A History of Ancient Chinese Jewelry picks the gems of Chinese jewelry traditions from the extensive Chinese civilization.


Scholars shed light on Chinese disaster history studies

Author:   HE KEWEI      

Edited by Min Xiangpeng, a professor from the Key Research Institute of Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development at Henan University, The Past, Present and Future Studies on Chinese Disaster History gathers interviews with ten leading scholars in the field of disaster history.


Chinese civilization’s widespread influence

Author:   SUN ZHENG      

In the era of globalization, a global view of history, which emphasizes the exchanges, collisions, interactions, and integrations among various civilizations, has gradually been accepted and altered our perception of history and culture.


How did 20th-century history impact Chinese philosophy

Author:   LI WEIWU      

Written by Gao Ruiquan, a professor from the Department of Philosophy at East China Normal University, The Development of Chinese Philosophy (1895–1995) aims to clarify the internal relationships between China’s social history and the development of Chinese philosophy in the 20th century, revealing the forces driving 20th-century Chinese philosoph...


Examining literature and art theories in historical contexts

Author:   LIU GUOZHEN      

A Critical Study of Contemporary Chinese Literary and Cultural Theories (1949–2019), co-authored by Tao Dongfeng, a professor from the School of Literature at Capital Normal University, and He Lei, a professor from the School of Chinese Language and Literature at Shandong Normal University, extracts 27 issues from contemporary Chinese literature an...


Theoretical explorations of Kunqu Opera translation

Author:   LYU HUI and CHEN DALIANG      

A Multimodal Approach to the English Translation of Kunqu Opera—The Peony Pavilion, is a monograph on the translation of Kunqu Opera from the perspective of multimodal discourse analysis.

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Interview with Zhang Yuyan on globalization and development

Zhang Yuyan is director of the Institute of World Economics and Politics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (C...

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