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Western Zhou jade seal discovered

Author  :       Source  :    Chinese Social Sciences Today     2016-07-21

A jade seal with a dragon-shaped knob was discovered during a protective excavation of an ancient tomb that dates back to the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046―771 BC) recently in Weinan, western China’s Shaanxi Province. Four pictographs engraved on the seal were preliminarily identified as the ancient Chinese characters for deer, tiger, eagle and dragon, possibly silkworm, respectively, said Tong Xuemeng, captain of Weinan Culture Relics Inspectorate. Zhou Xiaolu, an expert of paleography from Nanjing University, said this was the first time a seal belonging to either an emperor or a noble has been discovered in a tomb dating back to the early Western Zhou Dynasty, and it was the oldest jade seal and the oldest seal with a dragon-shaped knob to ever be discovered in China.

Editor: Yu Hui

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