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2017 report on country risk, FDI released

Author  :       Source  :    People's Daily Overseas Edition     2017-04-25

The first blue paper focusing on the risk of Chinese enterprises’ foreign direct investment along the “Belt and Road” was jointly released by the Institute of World Economics and Politics under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the China Bond Rating Company in Beijing on April 10.

China's foreign direct investment has grown rapidly in the past two years, and China has become the second largest foreign direct investment country after the United States, but country risks are rising globally due to national religious factors, changes to the geopolitical pattern, as well as sluggishness and imbalance in the global economy, posing great challenges for China’s foreign direct investment, according to the report.

But the report is optimistic about the long-term prospects for China's foreign direct investment and notes that the area along the “Belt and Road” and the Latin American regions have great potential.

Editor: Yu Hui

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