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65 pct of Chinese students spend over 3 hours online daily: survey

Author  :       Source  :    Xinhua     2020-03-12

BEIJING, March 12 (Xinhua) -- Nearly 65 percent of parents of primary and middle school students said their children surf the internet for over three hours a day, according to a recent survey conducted by China Youth Daily.

Of the 1,923 parents surveyed, 32.2 percent said their children spend one to three hours online, with those whose children spend less than an hour on the internet accounting for 3.4 percent.

"Currently, Chinese students attend online classes at home, and those with weak self-control are more likely to indulge in mobile phones and the internet," said Tang Zhisong, a professor with China's Southwest University.

Nearly 70 percent of parents interviewed control the amount of time their children spend using electronic devices, with over 72 percent of parents able to effectively monitor their children's use of the internet.

Among the parents interviewed, 68.9 percent were parents of primary students, 24.3 percent were parents of junior high students and 6.8 were parents of high school students.



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