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Reciprocity essential to common development

Author  :       Source  :    Chinese Social Sciences Today     2016-07-21

Reciprocity is essential when dealing with the complex relations between different states, peoples, religions and individuals in an age of globalization, said Tao Qian, dean of the School of Sociology and Political Science at Shanghai University, at a symposium themed “Reciprocity: A Human Value in a Pluralistic World” held on June 29 in Shanghai. Sharing should be a significant part of reciprocity because history proves that no single state can develop in isolation, she said. An information-based civilization depends on communication and cooperation built on a foundation of sharing in areas like economy and culture, said Cheng Sumei, a research fellow from Institute of Philosophy at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. The value of reciprocity in the information age is being increasingly recognized, but there is not a consensus on how the concept should be understood, she said.

Editor: Yu Hui

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