HEBUT Launches New Zealand campus following Finnish triumph

Source:China Daily 2023-09-01

Hebei University of Technology (HEBUT) is set to extend its global academic footprint with the inauguration of its second overseas branch campus in New Zealand, following its initial establishment in Finland in March 2020.

The collaboration between HEBUT and Massey University in New Zealand is poised to solidify the university's international presence, as confirmed by HEBUT's official statement on Tuesday.

In an event held on Monday, Han Xu, the Party chief of HEBUT, sealed the partnership by signing a memorandum of cooperation with Jan Thomas, the principal of Massey University. Thomas led a delegation to the ceremony hosted in Tianjin.

During the occasion, Han emphasized the enduring 16-year partnership between the two institutions, driven by a cooperative ethos rooted in sincerity, pragmatism, and friendship.

This year, coinciding with the school's 120th anniversary, Han highlighted the significance of this juncture as a fresh starting point, fostering increased collaboration and impact. Han expressed aspirations for both universities to play pivotal roles in enhancing cultural exchanges between China and New Zealand.

Jan Thomas highlighted the substantial achievements realized through their years of collaborative efforts, spanning scientific research, education, and student training.

The roadmap for future collaboration between the two universities is ambitious, encompassing areas such as scientific research, student education, and academic exchange.

HEBUT's Finnish branch campus, established in collaboration with Finnish Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, undertakes teaching initiatives both in China and Finland. With a curriculum that encompasses four undergraduate majors, the Finland campus draws students from diverse corners of the world.

Since its inception in 2020, the Finland branch campus has made remarkable strides, amassing a total enrollment of 746 students. Among these, 466 hail from China, with an additional 280 international students contributing to the vibrant academic community.




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