Fudan University and Tongji University revolutionizes Shanghai's higher education

Source:China Daily 2024-01-14

Fudan University and Tongji University signed a strategic cooperation agreement, on Friday, to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration between the two esteemed institutions.

The agreement, covering talent cultivation, academic disciplines, joint research, innovation and social services, aims to leverage the strengths of both universities.

Fudan, excelling in humanities and sciences, and Tongji, renowned for engineering, will jointly organize an international summer school, offering two to four distinctive programs with a globally recruited top-tier faculty.

This partnership fosters academic exploration and innovation through transferable credit summer courses. It paves the way for collaboration in shared graduate resources and teaching practices.

Commencing in the spring of 2024, Fudan University and Tongji University will launch a cross-enrollment initiative, each offering 10 courses.

Fudan's curriculum, spanning classical traditions, philosophical critique, cultural exchanges, modern society, and cutting-edge science and technology, will be complemented by Tongji's offerings, which emphasize engineering skills, innovative thinking, social development with an international perspective, scientific exploration and life care.

This cross-campus course-sharing initiative not only revolutionizes Shanghai's higher education landscape but also establishes a novel teaching cooperation model.

Located in the Yangpu district, the two neighboring schools are anticipated to stimulate local development.

Comprehensive support in fundamental research, innovative transformations, talent cultivation, policy reinforcement and public services will be provided by the Yangpu district government.

Editor:Yu Hui

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