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Cambridge assists in innovation

Author  :  Xie Chuanjiao     Source  :    China Daily     2017-02-13

UK university builds partnerships in China to improve technology, talent

The University of Cambridge, one of the world's top research universities, established two partnerships in China on Thursday, the first of their kind in the university's more than 800-year history.

The UK-based university signed a memorandum of understanding with Qingdao, an economic hub in East China's Shandong province, and Shandong University, a major national university in China, on Thursday.

The University of Cambridge aims to take advantage of its research strength to help facilitate technology transfer processes and encourage entrepreneurship in China.

The parties agreed to explore ways to improve interactions, build a world-class institution and cultivate talent, according to a news release. They will also guide students to put innovative results into practice.

"We will set up a team in Qingdao and share our experience and knowledge to help businesses innovate and thrive, improve university campus and support the city's development," said Tony Raven, chief executive of Cambridge Enterprise.

Cambridge Enterprise was established in 2006 to support members of the university in licensing their inventions, providing consultancy services, and creating companies based on university research.

"The goal of the University of Cambridge is to benefit society and the university's research has changed people's lives all around the world," Raven said.

Raven said he was impressed to see many students and academics successfully use their technological knowledge and set up companies in China and the UK.

Lu Maozu, director of Center for Globalization and Chinese Economy of Shandong University, said China needs to further change its mindset about innovation as the country is still eager for instant benefits under pressure for economic growth.

"Innovation will go to areas which are unknown," Lu said. "Our action plan in the next step will depend on the social changes."

To date, 28 universities and institutions have decided to establish new campuses or build branches or codeveloped facilities in Qingdao.

Shandong University, in Jinan, last year opened a new campus in north Qingdao, where high-tech industries and marine sectors have been growing quickly.

Editor: Ma Yuhong

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