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Peking University opens door to potential enrollees

Author  :  Zhao Xinying     Source  :    China Daily     2017-05-23

Peking University opened its campus to potential students on Saturday, allowing them to learn more about the top higher education institution before they sit the national college entrance exam.

The annual gaokao, or national college entrance exam, which will decide which university students can attend, will be held in early June. Peking University, which just celebrated its 119th birthday, held the open day event in hopes of attracting more brilliant high school graduates from all over the country.

Gao Song, vice president of the university, said Peking University, as one of the most prestigious universities in the country, will continue to offer, as it always does, a student-centered education.

"Our university is dedicated to nurturing young people into all-round developed talents and leaders by respecting their own choices and offering high-quality courses,"he said.

He added that the influence of higher education will last for students’ lifetime. An ideal higher education will enable students to master a series of crucial abilities, including the ability to know society and themselves, the ability to think independently and critically, and the ability to express themselves and to cooperate with others, as well as the ability to innovate and shoulder responsibilities.

"To make that happen, Peking University will give students more freedom to select majors and courses they are interested in,"he said. "We will also keep encouraging more interaction and mutual-inspiration between teachers and students, while creating a better environment for students to communicate with each other."

According to Gao, the university will send admission task forces to provinces and regions across the country in late June and early July after gaokao, to take questions from and offer guidance to applicants during their application and admission process.

Editor: Bai Le

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