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Name change from 'college' to 'university' helps recruiting in US

Author  :  Zhu Lixin in Hefei     Source  :    China Daily     2017-06-15

To a group of determined and industrious roommates, graduation from college means no departure but just the start of another period of study together, even though it will be in another country.

Among the recently received offers from multiple world-renowned colleges, Wang Xin and her four roommates all chose the University of Bath, which is ranked as the fifth best university in the United Kingdom by the Guardian University Guide 2018.

The five young women graduated from Anhui University of Finance and Economics, based in Bengbu city in East China's Anhui province, and majored in accounting.

In the last fours years, they shared not only the same class, but also the same dormitory. They will major in accounting and finance in the next year.

Postgraduate study has become more popular among Chinese undergraduates in recent years.

Instead of taking exams for domestic colleges to reach their goal, the five decided to seek overseas study opportunities, even at the beginning of their college study, according to Wang.

"Each of us five roommates had applied for multiple overseas universities and received offers from several of them," said Wang, adding that the University of Bath is the best among them.

Xin Danyang, one of the young women headed to Bath, said years of great effort made their goal achievable.

"Take me for example. My study often began before 7 am and went till 2 or 3 am the next morning", Xin said.

Among the 52 graduates in their class, 26 received offers from overseas universities and colleges, including King's College London, the University of Bristol and University of Sydney.

Editor: Bai Le

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