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Chinese students overseas inspired by patriotism of late geophysicist

Author  :       Source  :    Xinhua     2017-07-17

BEIJING -- Late geophysicist Huang Danian, who returned to China after studying and working in Britain for nearly two decades and contributed greatly to deep earth exploration technology, has become an inspiration to Chinese students overseas.

During his time in Britain, Huang paid close attention to developments in the field of science and technology in China. In spirit, his contacts with his motherland were never been broken, said Wang Shuo, a Chinese studying in Russia.

Huang studied and worked in Britain for 18 years before returning to China in 2009. Over the ensuing years, he helped China soar in a number of technical fields, transforming the nation into one of the world's leaders in deep earth exploration.

Huang died from bile duct cancer at the age of 58 on Jan 8.

In the seven years since he returned to China, Huang had spared no effort to work day and night until the last day of his life, Wang said.

His patriotism, dedication, creativity and efforts to promote people-to-people exchange between China and other countries has inspired other Chinese studying overseas, Wang added.

"As an overseas student, I am ready to learn from Huang's dedication to his motherland," Wang said, pledging to return to China to contribute to the country's ongoing reform and development after studying advanced science in Russia.

Zhao Yuqi, former president of the Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association USA and a professor at the University of Maryland, said he sympathizes with Huang's perseverance in pursuing science and admires his earnest concern about his country and people.

Patriotic scientists like Huang laid the foundation for the development of science and technology in China, said Gan Jiuliang studying in the Japanese capital of Tokyo. "Huang has become a lighthouse that inspires Chinese overseas students."

In his graduation album, Huang wrote, "It is the responsibility of our generation to rejuvenate the Chinese nation," recounted Zhang Cen, who received PhD from Cambridge.

"The maxim will never be outdated for Chinese overseas students," Zhang said, noting that it remains the spirit of the time to return and serve the motherland while studying advanced technology in a foreign country.

Huang was a role model for overseas students as well as the new generation of Chinese researchers, Zhang said.

Editor: Bai Le

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