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U.S. Northwestern University reiterates commitment to int'l students

Author  :       Source  :    Xinhua     2019-06-11

Northwestern University, in U.S. state of Illinois, is committed to being an inclusive and welcoming place for all international students, the university's provost Jonathan Holloway said in an announcement posted on the university's website.

"We cannot fulfill our mission to produce the highest caliber of research and solve problems of global significance without attracting the best talent in the world," Holloway said.

The university made the announcement in response to the recent concerns over U.S. visa restrictions on some Chinese students.

"To meet those goals, we envision an increase in the number of Chinese and international students and scholars at Northwestern in the years to come," the provost said.

"We want to reassure our Chinese students and scholars that they are critical to Northwestern University's mission, and we are committed to assisting them in the visa process," he said in the announcement.

Northwestern has so far seen no visas denied for Chinese students and scholars who are coming to the university, Holloway said.

The Office of International Students and Scholars at the university will offer pre-departure orientations for students in the Chinese cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in mid-June this year, according to the announcement.

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