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Slovak school holds graduation ceremony for 30 students in Chinese classes

Author  :       Source  :    Xinhua     2019-06-30

A Slovak secondary school, Gymnazium Mikulasa Kovaca, has held a graduation ceremony on Saturday for 30 students in two classes who had learnt all subjects in Chinese.

The graduation ceremony was dedicated to these 30 students, who had spent the past year in learning the Chinese language and passed a language level assessment.

For the next four years, they will learn all the subjects at the school in Chinese, including mathematics, physics, chemistry and history. The Chinese culture is one of their learning priorities.

Chinese ambassador to Slovakia Lin Lin, Director of Slovak State Pedagogical Office Ludovit Hajduk and Chinese Director of Confucius Institute in Bratislava Li Qingfeng attended the graduation ceremony.

Lin also presented ambassador scholarship to the students.

In 2019, students from Gymnazium Mikulasa Kovaca won the first and second place in Chinese Bridge Competition in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic area.

This secondary school, located in central Slovak region of Banska Bystrica, is one of the only two secondary schools in Europe that teach all the subjects in Chinese.

The other is Rome Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II in Italy, an international high school that teaches science-related courses in Chinese.

The Chinese classes in Gymnazium Mikulasa Kovaca began to enroll students in 2016.

Editor: Li Yujie

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