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Zhejiang conservatory establishes new education platform

Author  :  Fu Rui     Source  :    China Daily     2020-06-20

The establishment ceremony of the five colleges.[Photo provided to]

Talents cultivated at colleges and universities have strong abilities, but it will take some time to adapt to real-world work. In response to this phenomenon, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music established "five colleges" on June 18 to create a new platform for "post-undergraduate" professional talent education. Professor Wang Rui, president of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, said this is an innovative practice aimed at training senior professionals to meet the requirements of professionalization.

The "five colleges" include the Band College, the National Orchestra College, the Opera College, the College of Chamber Music and the Chorus College. As a new teaching platform of performance discipline, they will adopt the full credit system and flexible learning system for practical teaching on the basis of undergraduate and postgraduate training programs. At the same time, for the first time in China, the colleges have implemented the formulation of performance talent norms and curriculum standards, turning the stage and concert hall into classrooms. They have also adopted master classes, training rehearsals and concerts as the main teaching forms, and international art festivals and music festivals as a venue for practical work. At the end of the term, concerts and graduation concerts are put on for graduates to show their skills and select and employ people by professional orchestras.

Since September, the five colleges of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music have begun to recruit students from inside and outside the college, which means they also recruit social students. These colleges are in the charge of art directors. Hu Yongyan, a famous conductor and chief guest conductor of the North German radio symphony orchestra, is the artistic director of the the Band College. Professor Wang Pujian, a famous conductor and former head of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, is the artistic director of the National Orchestra College. Ning Feng, a famous violinist and winner of the golden medal at the Italy International violin competition "Niccolo Paganini", is artistic director of the College of Chamber Music. Luan Feng, winner of the Order of Knight of the Star of Italy and a famous bass singer, is art director of the Opera College, and James Jordan, the art director of Westminster College of Chorus in the United States, is the art director of the Chorus College. After being hired, Hu Yongyan and Wang Pujian, two famous conductors, said they would cultivate more excellent performing talents with skills, virtue and art, better guide the employment of talents and further promote cultural development and inheritance.

Editor: Yu Hui

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