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Chinese university offers new course on deep ocean scientific research ship

Author  :       Source  :    People's Daily Online     2020-12-25

The Ocean University of China has recently offered a new course for over 1,000 students on the deep ocean scientific research ship, Dongfanghong No. 3, in Jiaozhou Bay, China. (Photo/China Youth Daily)

The course entitled "Cognitive Practice of Marine Scientific Research" has been provided to over 1,000 students in series of 15 batches on Dongfanghong No. 3.

The course content includes conducting safety education, emergency exercise and touring around Dongfanghong No. 3, learning elementary knowledge concerning oceanographic research, as well as observing the actual operation of ocean survey instruments and equipment.

(Photo/China Youth Daily)

During the two-day course, the ship sails to the waters of Dagong Island where the students stay on the ship for 24 hours, enjoying the seascape in their spare time. There is also a fitness room available for all students and teachers.

Dongfanghong No. 3, a vessel of the Ocean University of China, is the embodiment of the experience and wisdom of marine scientists, educators, engineering and technical staff in the field of marine scientific investigation and research for over half a century.

Editor: Yu Hui

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