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Remembering the great Tsung Dao Lee

Author  :  CAO CHEN     Source  :    China Daily     2021-11-22

The Tsung Dao Lee Library at Shanghai Jiao Tong University has launched a reading area featuring 110 pieces of artworks themed on science to enhance its science and art education to celebrate the 95th birthday of Tsung Dao Lee this year.

Lee, the Chinese-American Nobel Prize laureate in physics, is renowned for his research in areas including quantum science, statistical mechanics, and astrophysics, and cultivating interdisciplinary talents in science.

The award-winning artworks displayed in the area are entries for the Science and Art Works Competitions held by the university from 2014 to 2021, the China International Science Exchange Foundation and the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. The works are inspired by physical theories or phenomenon, such as gravity and synchrotron radiation, which refers to the electromagnetic radiation emitted when charged particles move in curved paths.

In addition, more than 1,000 publications collected by Lee over the past decades have been gathered in a room at the third floor of the library. The publications range from classic literature to academic papers to physics monographs.

The launch of the reading area is part of the activities held by the university to celebrate Lee's birthday. At a seminar held at the university on Saturday, global science experts delivered speeches on the academic achievements of Lee and his contributions to physics education.

His most notable achievements include initiating the China-US Physics Examination and Application program to facilitate international exchanges in 1979. He had also established foundations to support Chinese undergraduates in conducting basic scientific studies in 1998.

Editor: Yu Hui

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