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China University of Petroleum holds founding ceremony for new Society

Author  :       Source  :    China Daily     2022-07-20

The founding ceremony of the International Society of Paleogeography was held in China University of Petroleum in Beijing on July 16, gathering more than 200 experts from 15 countries to attend the event.

Paleogeography is a science that studies the features and evolution of physical geography over geological history and human history, which can serve as a "guide" for the prospection of mineral resources such as petroleum, natural gas and coal. Studies in the field play a strategic role in fueling the development of the country's energy industry.

To boost the innovations in the field, Feng Zengzhao, a professor with China University of Petroleum, initiated the international academic meeting in paleogeography in 2013. After that, the professor, also an expert in paleogeography, supported by his counterparts in some foreign countries, applied to found the International Society of Paleogeography as an international platform for academic exchanges in the field.

Wu Xiaolin, president of the university, says that the university will support the ISP to open meetings, develop academic journals and expand its membership as well as grasp the chance to further improve the university's growth.

Editor: Yu Hui

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