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Universities hold competition encouraging students to explore innovative solutions

Author  :  Zhong Nan     Source  :    China Daily     2023-03-17

With China entering a new era of green and innovation-led growth, Pernod Ricard China, the Chinese branch of French wine and spirits group Pernod Ricard, teamed up with the Institute for Sustainable Development Goals of Tsinghua University (TUSDG) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to host the finale of the second Universities for Goal 13 Award (China) at Tsinghua University in Beijing on Wednesday.

The Universities for Goal 13 Award (UG 13) is a competition for young students worldwide, encouraging them to explore innovative yet feasible solutions through multidisciplinary approaches, to further contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This year's competition focuses on themes related to carbon neutrality, and peak and renewable energy, natural resources conservation, and responsible production and consumption. The competition received creative solutions proposed by 43 cross-disciplinary teams from 69 universities.

After intense competition, lithium batteries team, agricultural and carbon integration construction squad and SipTracer team captured the winning prize. They will represent China in the global competition. The title of "Pernod Ricard (China) Special Award" was shared by north star team and small team undersea.

The UG13 Competition (China), jointly hosted by TUSDG and CUHK, sponsored by Pernod Ricard China, aims to provide a platform for students to exchange ideas and propose suggestions.

Pernod Ricard China has also provided special grants for winning teams to further implement their proposals and has set up the special award in two areas in which it is deeply engaged, to encourage young students to delve into the issues of natural resource conservation and responsible production and consumption.

"With aspirations similar to those of Pernod Ricard China, we have been exploring cross-border innovation for sustainable development for many years and have reaped rich rewards," said Zhu Xufeng, executive director of TUSDG.

"We hope to provide Chinese youth with a broader exchange platform so they can play a role in global governance, and we can better empower and support their development," Zhu added.

Kathie Wang, vice-president of public relations and communications at Pernod Ricard China, said the company is committed to developing sustainable talents and believes that the voice of youth should be heard. It is a delight to see students' diversified proposals.

She said that Pernod Ricard China will continue to drive incredible change, working with young people to inject new momentum into sustainable development and realize progress that everyone can benefit from.

Editor: Yu Hui

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