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More Chinese students return from overseas in 2016

Author  :       Source  :    People's Daily     2017-04-25

More Chinese students returned from overseas after graduating in 2016, according to a joint conference focusing on Chinese overseas students held by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on April 11. The number of returnees in 2016 was 432,500 and the cumulative number of Chinese who have returned after studying overseas reached 2.65 million at the end of 2016, so China is seeing the biggest wave of returnees since the founding of New China, showing that it is increasingly becoming a “talent magnet.”

For a long time, the returned overseas students have faced six major challenges when starting up their businesses. For example, it is hard for them to enjoy preferential policies to obtain a hukou, to seek financing, to break the limits of policies, to use the patent and to integrate their cultural concepts into the home culture. Therefore, targeted measures should be studied to solve the aforementioned problems, according to the conference.

Editor: Yu Hui

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