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Scholars focusing on regional cooperation with Oceania

Author  :       Source  :    CSSN     2017-04-25

An International workshop focusing on Regional Cooperation in Oceania under the Framework of Global Governance was recently held by Center for Oceania Studies at the Sun Yat-Sen University. Scholars from China, Australia, New Zealand and the US attended the workshop and made a deep discussion on the regional governance in Oceania, the coordinated development between economic growth and environmental protection in the region and other topics.

It was generally agreed that the political, economic, cultural and environmental development in Oceania are very different from the outside world, which needs close cooperation with other regions and assistance from the outer world. Chinese scholars said that the urgent tasks in Oceania are to improve the living condition and quality of its people, to deal with various non-traditional security issues, to protect its fragile regional environment, and to achieve a balanced development between society, economy and environment.

Editor: Yu Hui

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