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Establishing a marine cultural system in the new era

Author  :  Zhang Jie     Source  :    Chinese Social Sciences Today     2019-04-15

Scholars should intensify the study of marine culture and establish a marine cultural system with Chinese characteristics in the new era in order to build a marine power, said Wang Xiaoqiu, a professor from the Department of History at Peking University, at the symposium “Marine Power and Marine Cultural Heritage” held in Qingdao on April 2, which was Jointly sponsored by the Academy of Ocean of China and the Ocean University of China.

Li Jinming, a professor from the South China Sea Institute at Xiamen University, said that the ancient Chinese Marine Silk Road had an important impact on the development of global trade. It prompted China to become the center of global trade at the 17th century and also played a role in European social transition.

Jiang Bo, director of the Institute of Underwater Archaeology at the National Center of Underwater Cultural Heritage, said that the ancient Marine Silk Road is an important passage between Eastern and Western civilization. Ports, sunken wrecks and trading goods are golden keys for archaeologists interpreting the Marine Silk Road. In particular, underwater wreck archaeological achievements in recent years are drawing attention.

In regard to marine trade, Jiang explained, the export of goods such as porcelain, silk, tea and ironware and the import of items including silver, spices, gemstones and precious wood constituted the main part of the maritime trade between China and foreign countries in ancient times.







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