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Highlighting charm of Chinese cities’ distinctive culture

Author  :  Zha Jianguo and Chen Lian     Source  :    Chinese Social Sciences Today     2021-03-31

A seminar on large-scale cultural activities and cities with distinctive culture was held in Shanghai on Mar. 26.

Large-scale activities in the information society and network era play an important role in promoting the construction of cities with distinctive culture. For example, the Shanghai World Expo as well as musical, art and film festivals held in Shanghai can embody the spirit of the city. Shanghai has become world famous for its high culture.

Chen Shenglai, director of the National Center for Research into Intercultural Communication of Arts, said that urbanization, as the transformation and integration of a cultural paradigm, urgently needs further research in regard to spaces, systems, behaviors and concepts. In the course of urbanization, China should draw on experience and lessons from building cities with distinctive culture throughout the world. It is necessary to keep and intensify cities’ characteristic culture and enhance the creation and cohesion of urban culture.

Xu Jinjiang, director of the Institute of Literature at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said that it is hard for existing research results to fully explain China’s urban development pattern and cultural practices, since academia has not conducted research on the relationship between cities and culture for many years. Therefore, it is particularly urgent to explore the theoretical basis, policy suggestions, and concrete paths for the current construction of cultural cites with Chinese characteristics.




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