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Environmental quality standards under change

Author  :       Source  :    People's Daily     2017-04-25

China will adopt tougher environmental targets in its 13th five-year plan, based on the blueprint for the environmental conservation in the13th five-year published on Apr 16 in Beijing.

In its 13th five-year plan, Ministry of Environmental Protection will revise and promulgate about 900 and 800 environmental protection standards respectively. For example, about 100 environmental quality standards and pollutant discharge standards (control), 400 environmental monitoring standards as well as 300 basic standards and management standards will be promulgated during the period to improve the country's environmental quality.

Since its 11th five-year plan, nearly 1800 revised work of environmental protection standards have been implemented, in which 1128 standards have been completed and issued, roughly 600 standards under change.

Editor: Yu Hui

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