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Primary medical system needs further improvement

Author  :       Source  :    Chinese Social Sciences Today     2017-01-06

The China Healthcare Development Report was released by the Institute of China Rural Studies at the Central China Normal University on Dec. 21. Preliminary diagnoses in primary medical institutions, according to the report, face the problems of underdeveloped medical insurance systems, insufficient medical equipment and facilities and poorly trained medical staff. Patients generally have a low degree of satisfaction with the service and the environment of medical institutions of management and healthcare for chronic diseases in rural areas. That renders them less willing to be treated in primary medical institutions. In regard to the doctor-patient relationship in grassroots areas, the report suggests five factors affect this relationship including patients’ recognition of the medical risk, economic burden of medical treatment, the doctors’ timely medical service and, medical professional performance as well as public media’s reports on medical cases.

Editor: Yu Hui

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