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Privately run education improves, efforts still needed

Author  :       Source  :    Chinese Social Sciences Today     2017-02-12

Policies that discriminate against teachers in privately run education facilities should be abolished, and policies aimed at improving the treatment on those teachers should be conscientiously implemented, according to the Development Report on Nongovernmental Education in China 2015 co-edited by Zhou Haitao and Zhong Binglin, professors of education from Beijing Normal University. The report suggests that nongovernmental education institutions are generally well developed. However, the students still need to further improve their ability to manage emotions. In addition, they also should improve their professional skills, ability to innovate and perseverance for study. The report suggests the teachers in nongovernmental education should improve their devotion and passion for the career. And further policies should be made to promote the teacher-student communication in nongovernmental education institutions.

Editor: Yu Hui

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