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Report:Major reform reaching peak of comprehensive implementation

Author  :  Tang Hongli     Source  :    Chinese Social Sciences Today     2017-04-24

The Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute released the Annual Report on China’s Reform 2016 in Beijing on April 7, which assessed reforms in 10 major fields in 2016 and offered a forecast of upcoming reforms in 2017.

A series of major reforms have reached the peak of comprehensive implementation. Breakthroughs and periodic achievements in reform have been made. The overall design of China’s reform was basically formed in 2016, according to the report. It indicates that there have been remarkable achievements in the campaign against corruption while progress has been made in supply-side reform.

Reform will enter a critical stage in 2017. China still has to seek further breakthroughs and development while maintaining growth, adjusting structure, stabilizing the economy and advancing reform, according to the report.

Nine suggestions for reform in 2017 were put forward in the report, such as further building an anti-corruption system, adhering to “reform priority,” eliminating zombie enterprises, deepening national administrative restructuring, cancelling the approval mechanism of pilot reform and adhering to the idea of “co-building and sharing.”

Editor: Yu Hui

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