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Silk Road Corridor matters in “Belt and Road”

Author  :       Source  :    Guangming Daily     2017-04-25

2017 Blue Book for World Cities recently released by Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences says that as a comprehensive update version of the previous regional corridor for transport infrastructure and connectivity, Silk Road Corridor is cross-regional as well as cross-country ,which is composed of a number of ‘core cities’ and sub-cities with strong economic strength in the hinterland, providing a platform for the countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” to integrate into the global economic system. So multiple values of Silk Road Corridor could be created.

On the one hand, the Silk Road Corridor will establish several international city corridors along the “Belt and Road” to ensure a flexible connectivity and these intertwined corridors eventually drive the whole transportation. On the other hand, the corridor is more compatible with different regional development plans and is more acceptable to the various stakeholders. In addition, served as a high-level form of interconnection, the load carrying capacity of the corridor will greatly outstrip the old regional channel only for transport infrastructure and connectivity.




Editor: Yu Hui

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