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China’s Rural Development Report (2019) released

Author  :  DING HE     Source  :    Chinese Social Sciences Today     2019-08-02

Co-sponsored by the Rural Development Institute at CASS, the Think Tank for Integrated Urban and Rural Development under CASS, and China Social Sciences Press, the launch event of China’s Rural Development Report (2019) and the High-Level Forum for Priority Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas was recently held in Beijing. CASS Vice President Gao Peiyong and President of China Social Sciences Press Zhao Jianying attended the conference and delivered speeches. Wei Houkai, director of the Rural Development Institute, released the major report.

The Report includes one major report and 17 special reports, with priority given to the development of agriculture and rural areas as the theme. The major report analyzes the background of the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, putting forward basic principles for implementing the priority development. The 17 special reports cover such fields as rural economic and social development and the ecological development of agriculture and rural areas, analyzing such aspects as poverty elimination, rural governance and green agriculture and providing corresponding countermeasures.

Editor: Yu Hui

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