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Ancient ironware production site unearthed in Central China

Author  :       Source  :    Xinhua     2022-09-14



Archaeologists have found an ancient ironware production and processing workshop dating back to the period from the Han to the Jin dynasties (206 BC-AD 420) in Central China's Hunan province.

The ruins of the workshop were found at the Guantian relics site in Sangzhi county during an archaeological excavation, according to the Hunan provincial cultural relics and archaeology research institute.

Archaeologists conducted excavation work between 2020 and this year at the site, which covers approximately 75,000 square meters.



So far, about 3,300 sq m of the site have been excavated, and iron objects, including knives and metallurgical remains such as copper ingots, have been unearthed, says Mo Linheng, an associate researcher at the institute.

The main section of the site was an ironware production and processing workshop that integrated a variety of functions such as smelting, casting and forging, Mo says.

Archaeologists have also found many remnants of possible metallurgical processing furnaces, including square-shaped crypt furnaces and circular stone furnaces.

"These relics are unique in form and have certain local characteristics, which have helped fill in some gaps in the study of ancient iron processing," Mo says.

Mo adds that many important and well-preserved metallurgical sites of the Han and Jin dynasties nationwide are found in the central plains or northern regions, and the discovery of such a large-scale ironware processing site in Hunan is of great archaeological value.

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