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B&R helps promote community of shared future for Asia

Author  :  ZHAO SANLE     Source  :    Chinese Social Sciences Today     2019-06-11

 Scholars at a symposium on B&R and building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind on May 19. Photo: XINHUA

On May 19, a symposium on B&R and building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind was held at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Ambassadors and scholars held dialogues and discussions on issues such as “promoting cultural exchange and mutual learning among different cultures” and “protecting the diversity of Asian civilizations” with the aim of promoting the building of a community of shared future for Asia.

Masood Khalid, ambassador of Pakistan to China, said that we should call for cultural diversity and inclusiveness around the world. The mutual understanding among cultures of different nations and regions not only strengthens trade ties but is a primary force for world progress. When setting agendas, we need to embrace cultural diversity and the longing for peace so as to cultivate ensuing generations with the spirit of cooperation and the feeling of building a community of shared future for mankind.

Sayed Mahdi Munadi, head of the political section of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Beijing, said that different civilizations need to hold dialogues on an equal footing and achieve harmonious coexistence to effectively respond to the threat of terrorism and extremism. Apart from being a major way of enhancing Asian soft power, dialogue between Asian civilizations is also key for calling peace talks and jointly responding to the threat of terrorism.

Leela Mani Paudyal, ambassador of Nepal to China, said that through the B&R we have realized that only by means of communication and cooperation can we advance the world’s common prosperity. Isolation and confrontation can only lead to stagnation. In addition to paying respect to the cultural traditions of the countries along the routes, the B&R helps eradicate prejudices and disagreements and promoted consensus through dialogue and communication between different civilizations. He added that the B&R, through including connectivity in many fields and infrastructure construction, is beneficial to Nepal’s prosperity and the common development of adjacent regions.

Naseem Khan Achakzai, founding executive director of the Center for Sustainability Research and Practice at the University of Lahore, said that the B&R has made great contributions to the prosperity and stability of the regions involved and aided the sustainable development of countries along the routes. The B&R has not only accelerated the development of the Gwadar Port in Pakistan but also stimulated the prosperity of the Gwadar Free Zone. The achievements of the B&R have a radiating effect on surrounding areas, which can invigorate whole regions. As it deepens mutual understanding among the cultures of the countries involved, the B&R is promoting the building of a community of shared future for Asia.



(Edited by Su Xuan)

Editor: Yu Hui

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